2011 Project Sites


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A) Green Energy Fair
B) Krieg residence
C) Haggard residence
D) Arvey’s High Performance Home
E) Solaris Homes
F) Smith Associates
G) Zemanek residence
H) Thomson residence
I) Wilson residence
J) Oswald residence
K) Houston Habitat for Humanity
L) Bluebird Gardens residence
M) Williamson Residence
N) Contempo Builders
O) Pasadena ISD

Note – there are more sites being finalized, check back again soon!

Descriptions of select sites

Arvey’s High Performance Home

A High performance house with insulated concrete walls, ceilings and roof, R-40 in building envelope. Built to withstand hurricanes, storms, wind, and floods, this house will last for centuries and continue to shelter its owners with quiet solitude from the fast paced world.

Dramatic Awning mount 1800 watt solar grid tie system installed on the south side of house on third floor of balcony yielding superior energy harvest, nice visual appeal and shade free solar production. System faces south on a custom made overhang awning to compliment the house style and function. Inverter is located in garage for cool operation and proximity to building electrical panel.

Find out more about the site at Gulf Coast Lofts

The Thomson residence

The house is a traditional looking new build.  Behind the exterior is an extraordinary envelope, consisting of BuildBlock ICF walls, Pella Hurricane windows, Decra metal roof, TCM-4RW radiant barrier, Icynene sealed attic, SEER 19.5 Lennox solar ready HVAC, Ruud 14.5Kw backup generator, with an 80 gallon storage tank and hybrid/tankless gas backup hot water system, Sparkletap designed and installed rainwater harvesting and whole house filtration.

South facing second story roof installation with 20 BP 75 watt panels and enphase micro-inverters feeding main electrical panel. Roof is metal roofing with look of shingles resulting in cooler roof than normal and higher solar production. Enphase inverters were chosen to minimize the effects of shade tree in back yard that affects the array in the afternoon. Solar hot water system augments the on demand water heater preheating the incoming water such that less energy is used in water heating. This house has it all from excellent design, quality materials and sound building practices.

Bluebird Gardens residence

Designed according to the Architects’ signature “Design for Passive Sustainability” concepts and principles, this home minimizes the adverse effects and maximizes the benefits of the challenging micro climate of its west-facing 1 acre site. The home utilizes 6 ½ inch SIP panels for the walls and roof resulting in an airtight home with conditioned attic spaces. With 4-inch rough-cut limestone added, all the exterior walls are 1 foot thick. The home is designed to maximize airflow when the windows are opened with the use of Pella casement windows aligned with the prevailing winds. Designed for excellent indoor air quality, the MERV-11 HVAC system and the low-VOC interior finishes have allowed the children’s allergies to virtually disappear. Hugely important, the outdoor entertainment areas, butterfly gardens and 1,200 sq ft organic garden enjoy being in the breeziest spaces on the site to encourage and enhance outdoor living and gardening activities. An 800-gallon rainwater harvesting system off of the white metal roof reflects the owners’ environmental concerns about using what falls on the site for their needs.

Visit the homeowner’s blog to learn more about the design and construction.

The homeowner has provided additional information on Blue Bird Gardens in this informative flyer.

Pasadena ISD

The Pasadena ISD Solar Initiative is a multi-technology large scale solar demonstration project that incorporates Sam Rayburn and South Houston high school campuses creating a solar learning lab that allows students to view and download solar data from each of the 20 solar roof top arrays. The designed system capacity is approximately 150 kW DC STC and is comprised of 5 different solar technology applications using both crystalline and thin-film technologies at mounting angles of flat, 10 degrees, 30 degrees and the first roof-top single axis tracker for a school. Each solar array is wired to a grid-tied inverter and a sensor box that collects solar energy, irradiance and cell temperature for each solar array in 15 minute increments. Students are able to view real-time data and system performance in school hallways via the integrated kiosk displays.

Learn more about this project

Smith and Associates Solar and Greenovation Project

The Greenovation project features the following energy efficiency improvements:

  • a brand new HVAC system and controls
  • LED parking lot lights
  • energy efficient HID exterior building lights
  • a new DOE approved white “Cool Roof” membrane with added insulation
  • six dual station GE electric vehicle charging stations.
  • ONTILITY’s custom solar car parking structure
  • a 47kW solar car parking structure

Also incorporated in the project is a 30kW Lumeta Power Ply PV module system, a 25kW SoloPower thin film module system and a 36kW Schuco PV module system featuring Cooper B-Line racking. To convert the DC electricity to AC electricity the solar PV systems will connect to industry leading inverters, including: two (2) 3-phase 12kw Fronius IG Plus inverters, two (2) 3-phase Advanced Energy 30kW inverters and one (1) 3-phase Advanced Energy 50kW inverter.

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Learn more at Solar Community

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