2012 Project Sites


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1) Mc Reynolds Middle School Solar Shade Tree, 5910 Market Street, Houston 770220

2) Houston Permitting Center, 1002 Washington Ave, Houston 77002

3) Zero Energy Duplex, 1601 Northwood, Houston 77009

4) Solaris Homes, 6611 Radcliff, Houston 77091

5) Arvey’s High Performance Home, 344 W. 24th St., Houston 77008

6) Texas Solar Outfitter’s Building, 705 Shepherd Dr. Houston 77007

7) Wilson Elementary, HISD, SPACE project and Green Mountain Installation, 2100 Yupon, Houston 77006

8 ) Ross Residence, West University, 2430 Wordsworth, Houston 7730

9) LEED Registered Home, 4119 Underwood, Houston 77025

10) IKEA, I-10 and Antoine, Houston 77024

Descriptions of sites:

1. McReynolds Middle School Solar Shade Tree

Designed and Built by University of Houston graduate architecture students, this project features a shade structure with 4 solar panels that power a fan and light.  The off the grid system has batteries and is a demonstration of a DC (direct current) design.  Learn about Electric cars from HEAA, the Houston Electric Auto Association.  More information about the Solar Shade Tree project

2. Houston Permitting Center

A renovation of an old rice warehouse, the new COH permit center is an example of sustainable adaptive reuse.  The roof top project features solar panels and wind turbines.  Also visit the Green Building Resource center, with dozens of demonstrations for green building products.  Find out more at codegreenhouston

3. Zero Energy Duplex

Designed by Architect Palmer Schooley, AIA, this project demonstrates that zero energy construction is possible for an investment project.  SIP panels, LED lighting, 4.23 kW system for each unit create an appealing alternate to the typical rental.

4. Solaris Homes

Jim Waller is going strong with Solaris Homes; he continues to offer low cost, high efficiency homes.  Visit Radcliff Street to experience a solar powered neighborhood.  By working with various partners, such at the Department of Energy and HUD, renewable energy technologies is made available to those who benefit most from lower utility bills.

5. Arvey’s High Performance Home

Pairing solar panels with alternative high efficiency building technologies, such as ICF, makes a lot of sense.  Visit David Wallin’s project to learn more about building an efficient, durable house.  Find out more about the site at Gulf Coast Lofts

6. Texas Solar Outfitter’s Building

For a hands on experience visit Texas Solar Outfitter’s workshop.  You’ll be able to learn about the nuts and bolts of installing a system.  With 4 different demonstration projects, the Solar Outfitter’s team is dedicated to educating Houstonians about renewable technologies.

7. Wilson Elementary, HISD,  SPACE project and Green Mountain Installation

Learn about the Houston’s recent purchase of solar powered SPACE projects – self contained structures that are designed to provide power for emergency events, such as hurricanes.  Talk to Akari Energy.  They be installing a Green Mountain Energy Sun Club project soon.

8. Ross Residence, West University

It’s exciting that Solar Panels on residences are becoming more and more commonplace.  With a 4.32 kW system, this Solar Community project will power a significant portion of this original West U. home.  Meet the installers to learn about the steps involved with installing a system.  From design to permitting, to the actual installation, they’ll explain everything you need to know about considering a system for your home.

9. LEED Registered Home

Renewable Energy is an important consideration for any green building project.  Learn how solar panels played a role in the design and construction of this LEED Registered Home.  We’ll also have LEED experts on hand – learn more about LEED for Home and the US Green Building Council (USGBC).

10. IKEA

Visit IKEA’s roof top and marvel at the 3,300 solar panels on its three acre roof; this is a project that makes a statement.  Learn more about IKEA’s dedication to investing in renewable technology and other sustainable practices.  Learn more: IKEA to Feature in Houston’s 2012 Solar Tour

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