2013 Project Sites


A) Ranch Remodel Residence (2223 Willowby, 77008)

B) Hedwig Village Residence (24 Hedwig Circle, 77024)

C) Heights Residence (409 W 8th St., 77007)

D) Near Zero Energy Residence (6921 Radcliff St. 77091

E) CANCELLED MTO Shahmahghsoudi (11740 South Sam Houston Parkway, 77031)

F) Texas Solar Outfitters Solar Workshop (705 Shepherd Dr., 77007 )

G) Richmond Residence (21818 Treemont Hollow Ct, Richmond, TX 77469 )

H) The Height’s Integral Urban Homestead (312 E 27th St, Houston, TX 77008)

Descriptions of sites:

Ranch Remodel Residence

ranch remodel residence

This is a lovely remodeled ranch style house in Timbergrove showcasing energy efficiency features and 7500 watt Harvest Solar grid-tie system providing 60 to 80% of the electrical energy needs. The homeowners sought a modern, open concept home and chose Harvest Solar to install a 7.5 kw grid tie photovoltaic system consisting of 30 ET Solar 250 watt solar panels feeding Enphase micro inverters to maximize the energy contribution of the system. Panels are strategically placed to engage full sun while preserving the tall trees on the property. With two different roof spaces the Enphase micro inverters helped to optimize each panels’ production and eliminate power losses. Architecturally, the house footprint was expanded and the roof raised to generate more internal space, with a large master BR, passive solar shading, and an indoor pool while creating an ideal platform for PV modules. You will enjoy seeing this excellent example of a remodeled home that will serve the homeowners for many years and produce significant energy savings.

Hedwig Village Residence

hedwig village

This beautiful home in Hedwig Village receives approximately one third of its electrical energy from an 18 kw solar energy system (~25,000 kwh/yr for 25 years). The PV array consists of 70 Solar World 255 Watt modules feeding three Sunny Boy Central Inverters with Enphase micro-inverters for orphaned modules. If and when the grid fails, this system will provide power to the home through dual Sunny Island 6048s and a 1000 Amp Hour battery bank.

Heights Residence

heights residence _schooley

This unique modern home, in the Heights, has been operating at less-than-zero electricity cost. The installation of the 12 kW grid-tied solar system (~16,000 kWh for 25 years) is part of a remodel design by architect Palmer Schooley. The solar energy system is a combination of 24 REC 250 watt modules on the corrugated metal roof as 12 frameless Lumos LSX 250 watt clear modules forming a beautiful solar awning over the cedar beam porch/patio. This system uses Enphase micro-inverters.

Near Zero Energy Residence

near zero energy residence

A new home built by Solaris Homes. Features a 5.4 KW photovoltaic system comprised of 18-300 watt Suntech USA photovoltaic panels with a Solectria 5100 series inverter. This system supplies nearly all the electricity
needed over a one year annualized basis. Additional features include 95% efficient condensing tankless hot water heater, variable speed 16 SEER HVAC system by Lenox with a 94% efficient furnace, insulated Argon gas filled high E vinyl windows, foam insulation, and Energy Star appliances. This home has a Department of Energy Five star program Home Energy Rating (HERS) of TWELVE (12) making it 86% more energy efficient than the average Energy Star new home being produced today. A scale model can be viewed at the Houston Resource Center, 2003 Washington ave, Houston, TX.

MTO Shahmaghsoudi



Unfortunately this site had to be withdrawn at the last moment. Sorry for any confusion

Texas Solar Outfitters Solar Workshop

TSO Shop1

Stop by before the tour for a breakfast presentation, 8:30 to 9:30

The headquarters building for Texas Solar Outfitters features a combined system consisting of two solar arrays, 9 kw - 24 x 240 Axitec modules mounted on the roof and 12 modules mounted in the configuration of a solar flower – providing more than half of the company’s electricity needs. In addition, all hot water needs for the building are met by two solar thermal collectors from Alternative Energy Technology. In addition to the solar systems the company also has a ‘demonstration roof’ in their warehouse that is used to provide visitors a first hand look at installation components and for staff training purposes.

Richmond Residence

richmond residence

This six year old home features a 14.56 kW grid-tied photovoltaic solar energy system designed to offset 85% of the home’s annual energy usage and maintain limited power production even when the utility grid shuts down. This is possible due to:  three SMA inverters with the Secure Power Supply (SPS) feature; 56 LG 260 watt modules split between south-facing front (20 panels) and a steep west-facing roof section (36-panel array).  IronRidge racking reduces the number of penetrations required for the composition shingle roof and a Curb energy monitoring system provides real-time feedback on energy consumption and production.

The Height’s Integral Urban Homestead

Heights Integral Urban Homestead

The Height’s Integral Urban Homestead is a home purposely designed for a couple prudently striving to live sustainable living in the city. Nearing completion, the owner’s goal is to have a delightful net-zero energy home with organic edible and native landscaping with 100% harvested rainwater for drinking and household uses with plenty to spare for the gardens. It is specifically designed to stay reasonably comfortable without power during all seasons, to not pollute their health indoors or out, and for aging and high durability/low-maintenance. Having a preliminary HERS™ Rating of minus 8, this home is Registered as a Platinum LEED™ home, will qualify for the latest Energy Star 3™, and probably the EPA’s Indoor airPlus™ certifications. Designed for wheelchair accessibility, this one story home is also designed to be neighborly through shared community yard space and by remaining aesthetically true to its Houston Heights neighborhood architectural roots. Rather than being sacrificed as some have done, a majestic century old sycamore tree was saved and damaged pecan and elm trees on the site were harvested and repurposed to build interior trusses, cabinet facings and trim work. The PV solar system is a 51 panel, 12.75 kw dc grid-tied system projected to produce an average of 16,597 kwh/year. The architects for The Height’s Integral Urban Homestead are Texas’ original eco-architecture team, Environment Associates Architects & Consultants.

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